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Buying or selling a house is a major event for most people. Difficult decisions have to be made. We are experienced lawyers and have both knowledge and contacts to help you make the right decision. We can advise you on market conditions, the role of estate agents, time-scales involved and exactly what we will do for you.

A written estimate of our fees and all other payments associated with your sale and purchase will always be given at the beginning of the transaction to be sure that the total costs fall within your budget. As well as dealing with the legal aspects of buying or selling houses and flats, we have solicitors experienced in dealing with retirement homes schemes, leases, re-mortgages, arrangements for co-owning or sharing properties, including Amanah Finance.

We will let you know immediately if any matters come to light which may cause you concern and we will give you a full report on the legal implications of a contract before it becomes binding.


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